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If you would like to build a beautiful, SEO friendly WordPress website, then contact us at Rank First to make it happen. We offer low cost WordPress website solutions and we make the process easy.

We believe that we can offer ideal WordPress websites Melbourne and Sunshine Coast business owners will love. Websites for people across the country can also be made of course, just that our offices are in these locations.

For more than ten years now, we have been operating primarily an SEO company. During that time we have seen hundreds of clients come to us with new websites from other companies and WordPress designers. The first thing we do then, is fix all of their SEO related errors they have made. You can skip this time-consuming step and get your WordPress website designed and built in a Google-friendly way from the start. Call us on 1300 828 814 for a chat and a quote.

Our WordPress web designers can include site mapping and menu bar planning to meet your Google marketing goals. We will help you identify the pages you need on your site, so that you can rank well on Google for the services or products you offer. This will save you having to redesign or restructure your website later to make it work for Google.

The Difference Between Us
And Other Website Developers

Web developers and website salespeople tell you their websites are Google-friendly. They have to. If they don’t, you would not hire them to make it for you. Our websites are developed with the help of in house, experienced SEO consultants. They always keep Google in mind – even while they’re riding a tram home from work. It is what we do. Get your website off to the best start by getting Rank First to build it for you.


Let us answers all of them. Give us a call today!

Why WordPress Websites?

In our experience, WordPress is the easiest way for clients to manage the ongoing evolution of their websites. Your online presence will continue to change, and WordPress allows this to happen without major rebuilds or costs. Most new templates also generate a mobile friendly website version too, without an hassles or extra costs.

It is also very rare that a WordPress website will present SEO barriers that other platforms can create. WordPress allows us, or other SEO people, to access all areas and change all data or text that are important for search engine optimisation purposes.

If you want to speak to a WordPress designer in Melbourne or on the Sunshine Coast, that can create a Google-friendly website for your business, then contact us at Rank First today. Call 1300 828 814

What Our
Clients say

Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore
I had instant results with my google ranking after having Rank First work on my sight! I was on the 2nd page for years and after just a few weeks of Rank First working on my page BooM Page one! love it. Thanks Troy and the team :) One very happy customer here.
Tony Nicholls
Tony Nicholls
Great team. Incredible results fast. Recommend.
Rohan Wright
Rohan Wright
I am a business consultant and have used Rankfirst for SEO, blog writing, and AdWords for a number of clients. They have been easy to deal with, reasonably priced, and more importantly - got excellent results for my clients. I strongly recommend them for both their work and ethics.
Walter Van Ruth / Property & Estates
Walter Van Ruth / Property & Estates
The team at Rank 1st know their stuff! For people, like myself who are not i.t minded, you can take comfort in the fact that Rank 1st are, and will look after your ranking needs so you don't need to.
Yard Furniture
Yard Furniture
We are an ongoing customer at Rank First.. We've found our ranking has improved considerably thus turning into more inquiries/sales.. We work specifically with Robynne & its easy to perceive that she has a genuine interest in what we do & always makes herself available to listen & act (if needed) to any concerns we may have..
david joachim
david joachim
We have sold out our project and part of that is thanks to you guys at Rank First. Thanks for the advice and help with our internet marketing. I am sure we would have wasted more money otherwise.
Catherine Anderson
Catherine Anderson
My vintage eyewear business didn’t really kick off until I hired Rank First to apply some SEO. I was tracking my site ranks from the beginning, and I experienced a huge leap in visitors over the next few weeks.
Scott Long
Scott Long
Rank First gave me the edge I really needed to pull ahead of the competition. With their help developing SEO, I outranked all my local competitors in Melbourne, and I’ve advanced on my online competitors, too.


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