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Anyone can set up an AdWords account – the basics behind it is simple. But there are so many variables to AdWords that can decide whether you make a profit, or lose money. You don’t design your own branding, or build your own website, so why should you have the expectation to run your own AdWords campaigns? Google makes all their money from AdWords’ pay per click advertising. And one reason they make so much is because they make it look so simple to use.

To make it clearer, let’s compare it to something anyone can do, like driving a car.

Let’s say you’ve never driven a car before. Would it be a good idea to just jump in, and try to drive from one side of town to the other – in a foreign city? Think about the possibility of all the stalls and wrong turns you could make. What if you got lost, or worse, got into a crash? The same can be said for Google AdWords. There are so many things you can do wrong that would cost you money, and waste your time.

Even if you could drive around town just fine, you wouldn’t do it by racing around recklessly with a V8 super car. Common sense would tell you to find a guide, or professional with enough experience to show you how the car works, and what to avoid as you drive. A co-driver, if you like, to tell you where and how to steer.

And when we apply this analogy to your business, it’s highly likely that you’ll be competing against many experienced professionals who will use every trick in the book to get ahead in this ‘race’ to get more visitors than you.

Why not have a professional of your own to help you make the best of your Google AdWords account and spending?

Whether you are a learner, confident enough to go it alone, or just looking for better performance out of your AdWords, think of us as your qualified driving instructor – only, less intimidating. We’ll soon get you on the highway towards greater profits, with easy to understand reporting.


Let us help to get them all answered. Give us a call today!

The aim of AdWords’ pay per click advertising is to generate as many sales and enquiries as possible, for the lowest possible cost. We achieve this by creating multiple Ad Groups and campaigns with targeted Ad copy. Using remarketing ads or providing Google Shopping management can also greatly increase your Adwords ROI.

Your bid amount will be the lowest for a high ad position, and your bounce rate will be lowered as well. Your visitor to sale conversion will be higher, and we will install conversion tracking for you, so you can see exactly how much you get in return, for how much you spend on each phrase in your campaign.

Service packages can vary from simple set-up to ongoing management of complicated campaigns involving thousands of keyphrases. Before you make any decision on your Adwords account, give us a ring for some advice or arrange a meeting with one of our fully-qualified Google AdWords technicians.

What Our
Clients say

  • Breed
    Thank you and your team for all your help. We will be happy to recommend you to others.
    Macanta Consulting
  • Michael
    I love the attitude of your company, you are obviously the right guys for the job!
    Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat
  • Jeff
    You and the team are doing a great job lifting our rankings – quite pleasing to see us moving from page 10+ into page 1 and 2 for some search phrases – can’t wait until we hit 1 for more phrases like we have already done.
    My Cuppa
  • Megan
    Thanks Troy, I think you have done a great job so far! Thanks for going into bat for us! .
    Sweet By Nature
  • Jeff
    I have been watching the organic ranking improve dramatically – it is very gratifying to see rises in such a competitive market. Once again – we are so happy with the Rankfirst team efforts !
    My Cuppa
  • Rohan
    I am a business consultant and have used Rank First for SEO, blog writing, and AdWords for a number of clients. They have been easy to deal with, reasonably priced, and more importantly - got excellent results for my clients. I strongly recommend them for both their work and ethics.
  • Michael
    Thank you for achieving high results for me in google, I really appreciate the extra time and effort you guys went for me explaining everything. I also appreciate the transparency and honesty which is hard to receive from other SEO companies. Keep up the good work.
    Cash for Old Gold
  • Jason Elboz
    Being a web developer I am very particular when it comes to finding the right SEO company. I have tried many companies for SEO who promise the world and can never deliver. I was referred Rank First from a friend who found them easy to deal with and found great results. Troy the director has a very good understanding of SEO and has improved all the rankings of the websites I have referred to him. I have no hesitation in recommending Rank First as your SEO company.
    Jason Elboz
    Frogger Web Designs