This faq page is a little bit different than normal. It is a mix of questions we here, excuses people make to procrastinate and complaints about online marketing and search engine optimisation in general.

Again if you have an idea about what questions or points we should include here we would love to hear from you. There might even be a discount for you or something if we add it in. info@rankfirst.com.au

1Did your web developer vaguely say that they would design your site so it could be found on Google?
Don’t worry about it. They all say that and they have to if they want to sell websites. It is sometimes kind of true but it is just impossible for them to get you on Google that easily. It takes dedicated hours of work each month to get high organic rankings and that is not what you pay them for. Many people get disgruntled with their web developer but it is best to just accept it and move on. Most of them are not bad people really and if they did not say you would be on Google, the next developer would have.
2What if Google just changes its way of ranking websites and then all the SEO effort is wasted?
That’s not likely to happen at all. Googles’ aim is to give the people the most accurate response for whatever they search for. That is why everyone uses it and also why they are billionaires. They are not going to mess with such a winning formula. If the person doing your seo knows what they are doing and takes an active interest it is possible to see the new improvements Google makes as they are making them and adapt to that. Car companies make new cars but they still have four wheels and we still drive on the left hand side of the street.
3Did you think you could get SEO done for five hundred bucks?
Sorry but that is not really possible anymore. Things can always be done for a cheaper price but that means cutting corners or just not getting a result. In the end you probably spent your five hundred bucks and got no benefit. So the cheap option costs more because you are in the same place as when you started and other people have moved further forward.
4Thinking of doing it next year?
We can not stress enough that the benefits of good SEO will continue to be harder to achieve and will only cost more. Whether you read this last year, today or next month, it is very important now. To get the same results we have to work harder and harder for more hours. So does everyone in our industry and there is no benefit in waiting any longer.
5Do you think it is too expensive or not within your budget?
Everyone has to start somewhere. Give us a ring. Maybe we can work something out or maybe our prices are less than you think. Maybe there is something you can do for us in return to lower your payment.
6Have you had a bad SEO experience before?
Sorry for that, but we do unfortunately hear this many times. We love disgruntled clients from other SEO companies, and by talking with us we can help make sure that you do not have to go through any negative experience again. Whether it was poor reporting, deception, or just poor results, tell us what upset you and we will make sure it does not happen with Rank First.
7Do you just want to know the return possible?
Alright. If you give us enough information about your current situation we can give you a fair estimate of how many more visitors we can bring, enquiries we can deliver or sales we can help you make. However you will have to be open and honest for this to work. We want our seo service to be worth it for our clients.
8To the guy who handles SEO in-house.
Cool mate. Go for it. We love SEO and also optimise many of our private websites for fun and profit. There is only so much you can learn though, when you have the limited experience of just one website, so if you need advice or want help to speed things up, then give us a call, we would love to get involved.
9Are you one of your competitors?
Man….you must be bored by now reading all of this stuff. Don’t you have your own website? Shouldn’t you be making that important call or working or something? It’s all good buddy, we're not your enemy. Go on now. Carry on little fella and do something more useful now hey. Or wait, maybe you should read it again? Why did we write that? Do you think that’s a good idea? Ooh. No come on. Carry on.