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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping can be the best converting, low cost way to sell your products online. In case you are not sure what Google Shopping looks like, there is a screen shot below to make it clear. We can help with your Google Shopping set up and account management, so that you appear in, and hopefully dominate this valuable piece of search real estate for any E-Commerce website.

Google Shopping clicks convert at a high rate because visitors have already seen you stock the product and can see the price before visiting. Theoretically, if your product is the right price, they will click through and buy (assuming your check out facility is efficient). Also, if you price is higher than they are looking for, they will not click, so you do not pay for a wasted visit.

How Do I Set Up Google Shopping?

To set up a Google Shopping account, first you need a Google Adwords account and a Google Merchant Centre facility. The way Google collates all of the information to display a Google Shopping listing, is through a data feed which most E-Commerce systems can generate.

It sounds simple, but in all honesty, it is not easy to make it work. We believe that is one reason why this type of Google marketing is underused. What can make it difficult is that Google will only accept a feed that meets all of their guidelines. This includes adding UPI (unique product identifier) numbers, MPN’s (manufacturer part number) and other product specific details. Your images also need to match their size and quality standards.

What Are Google Shopping Costs?

Like most Google advertising, there are no running fees, just the cost of the clicks. This is a fee paid directly to Google on a monthly basis. Usually, the cost for Google Shopping clicks are lower than regular Google Adwords clicks.

Again, the hard part is the Google Shopping set up and maintenance of the data feed required by Google to display your products. This takes time, so there are fees charged for this time by us to get it going for our clients.

The cost to set up Google shopping will depend on the amount of products you have, how your website works and what industry you are in. Usually it is well worth the effort.

Benefits Of Google Shopping

There are lots of positives with Google Shopping listings showing for your E-Commerce Store.

  • Take up valuable space on Google Response pages
  • Generally low cost per click
  • High conversion rate
  • Easy for visitors to see what they are buying
  • Client lands on product page, so no extra navigation needed to find product
  • Improves store credibility

Questions ?

Let us help to get them all answered. Give us a call today!

Problems with
Google Shopping

The biggest hurdle with creating a Google Shopping account is meeting all the demands and guidelines set out by Google. For them, it is all about protecting the integrity of the results they show their users. To ensure this, you have to prove you have products in stock, are registered to sell them and can provide an image that fits Google’s system. Understanding all of the terminology and getting all the right information in the right place can be very difficult with experience.

At Rank First we have the experience required to create a Google Shopping feed and maintain it to show as many products as possible for our clients. In addition to this we also have direct phone lines to Google support staff that can help us sort out any issues that arise.

If you run an E-Commerce store and would like to have your products displayed in the Google Shopping area, contact us today for a chat about how to make it happen at 1300 828 814.

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